Our Photo Album!

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Hours of piping, close-up's and still shots! This clip is from the Samuel L. Jackson movie THE NEGOTIATOR


This is Rico's "Vicious Doberman" Padraig. (pronounced pour-rig) He guards our practice area at RicoQuinn Productions!


With our Friends Tim and Tadgh

Rico and his lovely wife Dawn at the 2009 Chicago Ridge Fest!

Again at the 2010 Ridge Fest!

At the Famous Dugan's on Halsted!

Is this Young "Johnny Thunder" or "Dr. Vic" at an early "Gig"?  Woo Hoo Johnny!



A day at the office recording at Vic's studio,

At the STAR BAR!

Glenn with his Blues Band, D/4 Reprieve!

Rico's daughter Stephanie is their singer!

Rico on stage At the Kerry Piper Irish Pub

Here's a rare photo of Irish Tommy playing drums with the Chicago Police Dept. Drum and Bugle Corp!

The famous Bobby Sullivan with Bruce at the Cleveland Police Memorial, May of 1993

Rest in Peace Bobby


Glenn and Rico tearin' it up at The RidgeFest!

Rico's daughter, "Mustang Sally" Stephanie with Ryan "The King" Pelton!

Rico's long time friends all the way back to the Bluestack days,, Eileen and Dave. Proud members of the Fire Service!


Johnny Chats it up with our friends George, Krissy and Liz at Tommy Nevin's!

Glenn Os, Rico and McGeever at the Ridge Fest!

"Carlos" Carl tearin' it up!

Rico's daughter Stephanie joins Glenn singing Mustang Sally!

Our buddy Chris from Gilhooley's is the #1 bartender on the South Side! Ask him to make his famous "Rico Long Island Iced Tea"!!

Rico with his friends from Harold Melvin's Blue Notes. We were honored to perform for them at TJ Maloney's

Rico and Vic with Larry, the drummer for Harold Melvin's Blue Notes

Our friends Tina and Ken with Rico at Gilhooley's.

Thanks for all your support and for bringing Robby out!

This is Rico's buddy Eric. Proud CPD Southside Irish, fellow member of the Emerald Society and piper in training!

Tommy's son Zak sits in with RicoQuinn!

"Whoa Man! I'm slip slidin' away!"

Happy 21st Birthday Jenny!

Dave, Rico and Dave's daughter Caitlin help her celebrate!

Rico's buddy Carl sits in with the Lads at Grove's!


You're welcome back anytime Carl!

Halloween at the Grove's!


     Dr. Juan Death Thunder?!?

Spooky October 2009!

Desi plays the bagpipes?

Eye Carumba!

Steve took my Sash!

 Video Footage Here!!



Fr. Dan and Stephanie. You can't tell but Fr. Dan is wearing Lederhosen!

Tommy at the STAR BAR!


Dr. Jeff and Harry James playing some down and dirty Delta Blues!

The famous Tommy Gillen with our friends Carmel, Fedelma, Tim and Loupe at Quigley's!

Vic and his old friend Kevin Cronin used to hang together at the old ALI'S COFFEE HOUSE during the early 70's before the

REO Speedwagon 

days, many, many years ago!!

Michael "Shagnasty" singin' with RicoQuinn





Johnny and Rico need beards and sunglasses for that ZZ Top look!

Rico with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show



Carnegie Hall Video footage!

September 6, 2003


Elvis Lives BABY!

This is Rico's proof that Elvis is still alive. Rico says he "just went back to the Promised Land!"

Seriously, ask Rico. He'll tell ya!

THE SHY LADS, June of 69'. 41 years ago!

Jack Simon, Tommy, Rico, Ken, Gary Biscan and Lloyd Ottenstroer.  Rest In Peace Gary



Look for Rico to appear on their next CD with the song INTO THE FLAMES AGAIN!!


Rico's Police and Fire Motorcycle Club

The Renegade Pigs

Rico's the little guy in the middle row!

Some Brothers from different Mothers!


A sad Little Rico holding his wine bottle in a paper bag in a Madison St. alley before he got his first guitar!

The very young "SHY LADS" with Tommy on Drums and Ken on Keys!


With the "SHY LADS" Circa 1969 then 33 yrs. later at the RidgeFest!

Who would think our own Tom Cody could find a new friend in Dublin with the same hat size!


 Tommy, Ken and Rico's Rhythm N' Blues Band

"Friction" Circa 1970



"A bunch A' Gull Durn' Hippies"

It was the 70's!


Rico, Did you not check the mirror first? Tommy, your hair still looks RED even in black and white!


A Very Young "Rico". Same hair!!

Bruce in concert with "Tonight Show" conductor

Doc Severinsen

With Mr. Gerry Adams in Dublin

"Tiocfaidh Ar La" Gerry.

Bruce's Friend and Delta Blues Recording Artist

Diamond Jim Greene

Bruce recorded bagpipes and Boudhran on Jim's Album, "Snapshoots".

Bruce's song "MacCuinn's Dawn" can be heard at the end of "Things About Coming My Way"



Rico with daughters Ryan and Stephanie

at Chicago Ridge Fest 09'


"How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"

"Join a Pipe Band!"

Sir Tom of Cody,  2003


Johnny playin' smooth Jazz at the Comoniwannalaya Club

in Hawaii!

(formerly Happy Harry's Hash House Bar and Grill)

Pipes and Drums of the Emerald Society members Drum Sergeant Tony Baumann, Founding member Tom Cody and Pipe Major Bruce Quintos play Amazing Grace at Gold Star Memorial and Park, 2008.


Emerald Society Brother's Bruce, Tony and Tom together again at the 2009

Gold Star Families Memorial