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 Cead Mile Failte!
(Kaid-meel-a-fall-cha, A 100,000 welcomes!)

I am so grateful to have had the chance to live in such a Time & Place where the Music was Simple, Heartfelt and Timeless. Thank you Rock N' Roll!

 "I get off on 57' Chevy's,
I get off on screaming guitar!"

The Bruce

 Video Footage Here!

The Early Years!!

The Friction Era

Rico is a fanatical Eddie Cochran, Brian Setzer & Stevie Ray Vaughan fan. Just ask him when you have an extra couple of hours!

Conradh Bruce Quintos

At birth, Rico was given the Irish (Gaeilge) Gaelic name of Conradh (poor kid) by his mom. He always went by Bruce because no one could pronounce Conradh. (Kon-Ra)

Ar Aghaidh Linn Le Cheile!

(Let Us Go Forward Together)

He was born and raised on Chicago's West Side to Irish/Filipino parents and came into this world with a GRETSCH 6120 ROCKABELLY MONSTER under one arm and IRISH WARPIPES under the other.  It was the 50's, encouraged by his parents he spent his time as a 5 and 6 yr. old listening to Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly and ELVIS. Thus his love of 50's ROCKABILLY.

Bruce, who plays seven different instruments, started playing lead guitar professionally at the ripe old age of 13 and became a founding member of the Chicago rock group "The Shy Lads".  RicoQuinn's own Ken Januszyk was the lead singer/keyboard guru and Tommy "Rooster" Cline was the drummer. Bruce actually played in 3 or 4 garage bands before this but doesn't even remember the names. How convenient! Notice the "Eddie Cochran Rockabilly" hairdo!


In 1969, all three went on to form the eight piece R&B group, "Friction"Quoting The Bruce "It sure seemed like a good idea at the time!". After a few years, many gigs, road trips and recording sessions, they went back to their Rock N' Roll roots and reformed The Shy Lads.

In 2003, Following his musical dream, he became a founding member of the Irish Rock power trio, "Bluestack", performing all over the United States for three years as piper, guitar, bodhran, and bass player. Regrettably the band broke up in 2006 but the best was yet to come!

In September of 2006, he finally formed the group he always wanted, RicoQuinn.

After completing 28 years as a career Police Officer he retired from his position as Police Commander of Field Operations with the Cook County Forest Preserve Police and went into politics. Bruce is in his 4th term as Village Trustee for the Village of Chicago Ridge.

He is also currently the Pipe Major/Music Director for The Pipes And Drums Of The Emerald Society, Chicago Police Pipe Band.

Bruce is one of Chicago's top Blues/Rock Guitar Players. His vast experience in and out of recording studios and his familiarity with all styles of music has made him one of Chicago's most sought after Session Guitarist, Piper, Boudhron drummer and Bass Player. He can do it all!

His musical career to date has provided him with many unforgettable moments. He has performed in concert with Doc Severinson, piped Jay Leno on stage for the “Tonight Show”, piped for Hillary and Bill Clinton at Hillary's birthday party, piped for President Jimmy Carter and lead the Pipes and Drums of the Emerald Society on stage at Carnegie Hall receiving a standing ovation.

He has served as the Midnight Piper at the National Police Memorial in Washington D.C. and as Piper for the Irish Memorial organization, An Gorta Mor.

A true musician, he has penned many concert arrangements for pipe band performances. He also performed for 85,000 people at the opening ceremony for Special Olympics in Dublin, Ireland and piped at Arlington National Cemetery for slain Police Officers Gibson and Chestnut .

His most treasured and honored memory was playing Amazing Grace at Ground Zero at the one year Memorial of 911.

Bruce and his lovely wife Dawn have two daughters, Stephanie and Ryan.

Dawn says "Keep On Rockin' Rico!"

Rooster Is Back!



This is a "young" Tommy Cline practicing in some unknown forest a long time ago!

Is this Tommy's new set?!?!?

Will Dr. Ramon be retained as Tommy's drum tech?!?

Stay tuned for the very true story of how Tommy got trapped behind a Vox Super Beatle, a Selmer saxaphone and a Fender Bassman amp for a full 3 hour gig. Names will be named!!

Irish Tommy Cline   

Percussionist from two legendary Chicago bands


So it began! (begins? Begun?)

Tommy Cline began his musical journey in the Gage Park neighborhood of Chicago. He was the “Redheaded Irish kid” on the Polish block living directly across the street from RicoQuinn’s own Ken Januszyk.

Enter the “MAS” from stage left

Eddie Maslowski also lived across the street from Tommy and played drums. This sparked an interest in the young budding musician. While in 3rd grade, Tommy got a paper route and begged his parents for drum lessons. Instead he was sent for accordion lessons on a brand spankin’ new "Red and White Squeeze Box” which really impressed the Polish neighbors. Forsooth Tommy, Forsooth!

Good advice from Mom

“Save your money for a rainy day!”’

Tommy’s goal in life was to emulate the drummers on the 45RPM records that he listened too. WLS AM radio was on constantly. Except for a brief period when Tommy and his young buddies would try to meet "chicks" on the WLS “BEEP LINE”, it was Rock N‘ Roll that came first!

Soon the accordion was relegated to a corner in the attic. Tommy drowned his sorrows over not “banging on D’ drum all day” with chocolate, magic tricks and comic books.

While in seventh grade, a local bully forced him to “Smoke and Choke” on several Lucky Strikes. As chocolate cravings diminished, garbage cans and/or anything available were thumped on more and more. Nicotine and Rock N’ Roll coolness took rise and The Drummin’ Plot was Afoot! Tommy’s vocabulary increased by six words overnight:

Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich & Louie Bellison!

Loud Drummers and Pirates.

Oh my BuckenEars!

Overcoming his “Cheap” gene ,Tommy decided to spend most of his saved paper-route money on a set of drums at Carnavale’s Music Store. (This is the same place where Rico bought his first guitar) For 800 smackeroo’s, he bought a LUDWIG silver sparkle drum kit with ZILDGIAN cymbals. Puurrttyy! But true to his “cheap Gene”, he still uses the same set today with RicoQuinn.

Almost got Maslowski'd!

Tommy set up his new drums in the attic and when not delivering papers, played his 45 collection (LOUDLY) trying to copy the drum beatings of true Rock N‘ Roll percussionists. Tommy was playing "Loud and Proud" with windows wide open. The neighbors hated it, especially Eddie Maslowski, who was now trying to study math in college!

Urban legend has it that MAS had some heated, "Stop Bangin' On Those Cans!" conversations" with Lil' Tommy!

Oh Tommy Boy, The Drums,

the Drums are calling!

Tommy went to De La Salle H.S. and hung out with Ken and Rico who were going to St. Rita H.S. Both of the future Rico guys were in a band called THE SHY LADS playing all over Chicagoland. Tommy started going on jobs with them in the mid 60's to help manage (to get in free) and carry equipment. It was at this time he made a life changing discovery:

Bartenders gave booze to the band regardless of their age!

Tommy was now a full fledged drummer-in-training and Roadie to boot! Fate was heading towards “Tommy the Drummer” and he didn’t even know it.

Tommy’s ticket to “The BIG’s!”

In 1967 THE SHY LADS lost their drummer Wayne who was leaving for college. Tommy was the logical replacement since he knew all the songs and had built a strong back from lugging all THE SHY LADS equipment over the years! (Tommy was seen passing out white envelopes at practice. Oh, the Chicago way!)

Two strong brotherhoods were being formed. First, Tommy joining the Chicago Police Department as a 18 year old Police Cadet. (later to become a career Police Officer along with Ken who was already on the job)

The second was a musical brotherhood starting with THE SHY LADS, then the legendary “Rush Street” R&B group FRICTION and finally with RicoQuinn.

Family Man, Cop, Musician,

Magic Clown and Author

Tommy married the love of his life Sandi and together had seven kids, one of each! You couldn’t throw a rock in the school yard without someone yelling;

"You almost hit one of the Cline kids!“

He perfected his interest in magic, clowning and entertaining as “Rooster T. Magic Clown” to help pay for tuition. Returning to school as a 48 year old student, he completed his BA and earned an MBA and a MAP.

Now for the author part!

Tommy penned a side splitting, must read book based on his 40 year experience as a Chicago Police Officer.

Coptales Volume 1

"Never Spit in a Man’s Face...Unless His Mustache is on Fire"

available at:


When Jeff had this photo taken his fingers were "Movin' So Fast" that his bass almost "Sploded" into FLAMES!

Playing with the Famous Tony Baumann in

The picture speaks for itself!







Boy Jeff, I wish I could play like you!

"Feel the groove...Breathe it...Live it!"


"A Real Man mows his own yard"!


"Play Bass... Play Bass...Play Bass,

then play more Bass!"

Jeff is one of Chicago's premier bass players having played bass on TV Shows such as The Untouchables, Cupid and Early Edition.
His Motion Picture credit's include
"My Best Friends Wedding".

He's officially Julia Robert's favorite bass player! The bass Jeff played in the movie is now retired and located in his Studio Museum.

Eat your heart out Danny Bonaduce!

Jeff has spent much of his time playing bass in Broadway Revue's in New York City and in a performance backing up Miss America in the mid-90's.

From Jeff Himself!

"I had the Miss Americas crown on my head! Never mind, No comment!

Qouteth the Jeff  " New York City Rocks, I played there several times but CHICAGO KICKS ASS!"

Jeff's been "Rippin' Up" the Chicago music scene for over 20 years and has performed with great musicians such as The One and Only SHIRLEY KING!

( B.B King's daughter) 

As Jeff says, "Love that Woman! Showed this white boy from Iowa what Blues really is!! Will never forget that!!"

He has also performed throughout the Midwest in 7 productions and over 400 Shows of "Pump Boys and Dinettes". As he put it, "Had a ball!"

This "Rockin' Steady" guy has studied with several Chicago Symphony Orchestra Players as well as Jazz Players. He's been in and out of studio's teaching bass, piano and guitar for over 20 years.
Jeff has recorded with many great Chicago musicians in many Chicago studios and can be heard on tons of CD's.

Just go to Utube and check this "Bass Slinger" out!
Jeff has played with Big Bands, Blues Bands, Rock Bands, Country Bands and Ethnic Bands including tons of Festivals. He's opened for Davey Jones of THE MONKEES fame. He's been to Nashville and L.A. several times, and has performed in many Suburban Symphony Orchestras for over 10 years.

He's traveled in and out of the Midwest doing a "variety" of different projects. He's got lot's of great stories,, ,We'll stop there cause we could get him in Real Trouble!

One of his proudest moments was writing
"Great American Country".  This great song  went on to be recorded in Nashville by Don McLean's studio musicians. It was released to hundreds of Country Radio stations in the US and Europe and was on the Country Billboard Independent Record Charts.

Man Jeff,  It's got to be awesome having your song played on the radio!
He's now a member of ASCAP.

Jeff has worked locally with Sonic Rewind, The Warrior Poets, JJSteel, Highway Wings and now,  RicoQuinn!

His real inspiration comes from his wonderful wife of almost 30 years, and his beautiful daughter, Emily Rae!

"Love you ladies! You do come first!!"

As Jeff would say,

"Feel the Groove! Peace out!!"

Favorite Quotations:
"Never eat yellow snow!"  Frank Zappa

"A Real Man mow's his own yard!" Jeff Hansel

" I shook my family tree and a bunch of Nuts fell out!"

Jeff Hansel


We welcome our friend and Delta Blues Artist


"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch EXCELLENCE!"

On a cold dark night 56 years ago, a Boy Child was born in Blue Island Il. A dirt-poor American who would grow up to learn to play the real music, The BLUES on the BLUES HARP!  He also perfected a soulful singing voice that expresses the Delta Blues Sound.

Harry started learning to play harmonica at age 12. He paid his dues over time performing with others over a span of 40 years  recording Sacred and Pop Music.


It was not long ago that he re-discovered his passion for Blues Jams, Juke Joints and PBR's!
Playing harp helped pass the time when stuck in cheap hotel rooms as a traveling salesman.

Little did Blues Artist Harry James know that all the practice time at Jam Nights in 12 states would lead to proficiency and have him actively performing 3 nights a week.

 "Music drowns out all my worries!"

Harry says he can best relate to the older blues styles of Muddy Waters, Little Walter and Jimmy Reed along with a host of other influences.

Jammin' with RicoQuinn adds a solid dose of Rock N' Roll to help keep his "South-Side Chicago Blues Style" alive!

Welcome to the RicoQuinn family Harry! We are proud to have a friend Jammin' with us brother!

"Ar Aghaidh Linn Le Cheile!





Ken's musical career began at the age of 8 when his mother asked if he wanted to take accordion lessons as was the practice in most Polish families in the "old neighborhood" on Chicago’s South side.

At St. Rita H.S., he was introduced to the Hammond organ playing at daily mass in order to pay for his tuition. While Ken learned to sing in the school choir, he spent most of his time playing the snare drum for their championship marching band that played at an NFL championship game. When a broken wrist prevented him from a competition, he played the bass drum with a full arm cast and the band took 1st place.
With fellow musicians, the 60's rock group
"The Shy Lads" was formed starting as a "garage band". By his senior year the band had played at hundreds of school dances and included playing in the finals for a rock&roll band competition at

Aerie Crown Theater in McCormick Place.
After high school, a few college music classes sharpened his arranging abilities and the band progressed to an 8 piece show band called "Friction". His leisure time would include playing kazoo on New Orleans street corners during the annual Mardi Gras.
His "real" job as 35 year veteran
Chicago Police Officer saw him advance to the rank of Captain. That didn’t prevent Ken from joining their "Drum & Bugle Corps" where he became the Music Director playing snare drum, marching bells, and both the baritone and soprano bugle. To add to his versatility, Ken became a bagpiper for the "Chicago Police Pipes and Drums". He  currently plays with "The Pipes and Drums of the Emerald Society, Chicago Police Department".

On October 1, 2009, Ken was promoted to the rank of Pipe Sergeant. Congratulations! 

Ken is now retired from the Chicago Police Department.