Join us now for a thrilling pictorial look at all the world hot spots that Johnny visited on his recent vacation. As official "Goodwill Ambassador" for RicoQuinn, Johnny has made friends and influenced  people far and wide.

This could be our first world tour....or not.....



So it begins!

Johnny with his Roadie's on the "THUNDER BUS" in route to New Delia!


With the "VerryVerryGood" Dancers in New Delia!


A sad farewell to New Delia.............

"Come back soon Johnomia!" Hey Johnny, is that the Fonz? EEHHHHH!






Rico and Johnny's excellent adventure!

Rico and Johnny got a pilot to fly them to  Canada  to hunt moose.
 They managed to bag six Moose.  But, as they were loading the plane, the pilot said he could carry only four Moose. The two lads objected strongly, "Last year we got six! The pilot let us take them all and he had the same plane as yours!"
Reluctantly, the pilot gave in and all six Moose were loaded.  However, on takeoff the little plane couldn't handle the load and went down, crashing into the wilderness

Somehow, Rico and Johnny survived the crash, and climbed out of the wreckage.

A scrapped up Johnny asked Rico, "Any idea where we are?"
"I think we're pretty close to where we crashed last year!"



Back from New Delia, Johnny invests in a brand new

"Thunder Mover" with a custom paint job! Go-Go...Go Johnny Go!!!




Johnny's new Palm Pilot!



Johnny making new friends mountain climbing in the Andes!



El Juano in Madrid during the running of the bulls.

         Where's Johnny?       Don't worry Senor, he's OK!


Ouchhhhhh!!!!!!  Spoke too soon!


Thrilling audiences at Carnegie Hall!



              Where Johnny Thunder got his start!               

I'm tellin' ya Enab, That Johnny is'a gonna' put us out of business!





We're not really sure what's going on here but............

Hit the GAS Johnny!!!!




Aerial view of Johnny's Hawaiian vacation home.

Here's where Johnny learned to speak Hawaiian.





Johnny starting one Chicago Marathon with Rico and finishing another.

Run Johnny, Run!



"Yiker's Uncle Billy Joe Ray Bob, Johnny's a BABE!!"

  Lil' Abigail Louise McGillacutty

 Dancin' with Johnny!





Johnny entertains Edward G. Robinson who played "Rico" in the movies!




Entertaining Fidel. El Johnno is El backo!




Johnny goes to Washington to entertain Barack and Joe!

'SECURITY! SECURITY! Ah, hold on there Barry, I kinda like this Thunder guy!"




Hey Pops, It's Johnny Thunder!



Back at the COMONIWANNALAYA Club in Hawaii. Johnny is backed-up by


"Music with a-peel. If you don't C sharp you'll B flat!"         



Since this is a PG-rated site,

Use your own imagination. Ye Gads Johnny!

Clip-Clop, Clip-Clop, BANG!

Johnny is almost the victim of a drive-by Amish shooting!



"What do you think it would take to get that Thunder kid with us??"




"I'm tellin' the truth Abner! It was Johnny Thunder entertaining in the 'Sleepy Time' room yesterday. And I'll tell ya, he was the BOMB!"


Johnny and Dr. Ramon, D.T. (Tommy Cline's new drum tech) visit Springfield!

Oh that Ramon!




Home at last for the homecoming party!



Johnny got back in time to help Rico put his Christmas decorations up.

Nice one Johnny!




            "DON'T TASE ME BRO!     I just wanted Johnny's autograph!!"





"Johnny, You Da Bomb!"


"Ya' got my moves JT!"



"You've gone where no man has musically gone before!"


"Come back to Scotland Johnny, we need ye laddie!"


Bring your A Game Mr. Johnny!



For those of you who have ever wondered how Rico actually met Johnny we now present the TRUE story!


Johnny figures if it worked for Rico,,,, So, he tries it on his own!!


Microphone: $145

Case: $4.95

J Thunder Shirt: Priceless!